The Complete Production Package

  • Supervision has been producing sporting events for over 11 years in the Calgary area. We have worked closely with Television networks such as NBC, OLN and the CBC, as well as providing screens for several international films. These relationships have enabled us to hone our craft to seamlessly integrate sponsor branding into a dynamic, nail biting, action packed event.
  • We use the latest video production techniques, as well as the most modern and technologically advanced equipment to ensure our clients are satisfied and leave a lasting effect on all those that attend.
  • Supervision offers the complete package... From setup to teardown, staff, support, auxilary equipment, production, compilation and post-production. All services are included in one of many flexible, low cost packages.
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  • Supervision is Canada's longest running LED screen supplier with over 11 years of service including over 500 Local, National and International Events. Whether a small rodeo in Lloydminster, or a visit from the pope (nearly one million people in attendance) Supervision has been the number one choice for event organizers.